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Thus, in a market economy, banks mediate the movement money, and no other financial Institute such powers does not possess. To obtain credit for commercial purposes shall be submitted the following blowing documents: • application; • notarized copies of constituent documents; • notarially certified card with samples of signatures and seal; • the balance of the last reporting date, certified tax ince- peccia; certificate of tax inspection; • feasibility study of the effectiveness of the project; • copies of contracts, agreements; • assurance of repayment of the loan: (a) the Bank letter (croup- Noah company) with the representation of the constituent documents of the ban ka-guarantor balance of the last reporting date, the economic regulations, and the card of specimen signatures and seal; b) Garan- party letter to insurance company; C) the collateral. However, on the other hand, in the case a sufficiently large public debt, the liquidity of the economy indirectly changes and over-borrowing can cause VAT structural imbalances. Wide Deaver- eficacia operations allows banks to retain customers and staying- Xia cost-effective even under very adverse market con- juncture. Banks to lend, transportation, storage and other Opera- tion associated with commodity exchange.

He is providing us commercial banks on behalf of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of Chapters- NYM management (National Bank) of the Bank of Russia secured th- public securities. Content functions of accumulation of temporarily free monetary money is the gradual accumulation of money within a certain period to invest their lump sum in certain activities the enterprise in the future. • For the borrower: • the ability to accurately determine the amount of funds in jeopardy working people at the disposal of the borrower; • the ability to reduce costs of time and financial resources at the conclusion of credit agreements. In turn, cash- credit policy, along with the budget, is the basis of all state state regulation of the economy. Paying agent by wire transfer calculations is the Bank.

Liquidity means the unconditional solvency Ho deistvuyushego of the subject and assumes a constant equality between assets and liabilities as on the total amount, and timing on- statements. The incentives to accumulate and conserve cash forming are based on a flexible Deposit policy of commercial banks. Issuance of Bank guarantees. The most common classification is the following: 1. BANKING AND UESUGI By the end of the XX century commercial Bank able to offer the client up to 200 types of various banking products and services. These organizations have the right to conduct individual banking OPE- the radio provided for by law. The level of income of the Bank must be linked with the degree of risk in lending. Opening and maintaining Bank accounts of individuals and legal individuals. Trust management of monetary funds and other property soci Operations with precious metals and precious- governmental stones in accordance with the law. 8.